Experience, Clients & Partners

The name Acquestra - or 'to acquire' - was adopted because of the Company’s vision and in expanding its own range of skills and expertise by working with and forming partnerships with organisations that provide complementary services.

Our clients are successful, well managed businesses, mainly UK based SMEs and PLCs from within the technology and/or utility sectors; all delivering great products and services. Our clients share a commitment to building profitable sales revenue in a controlled, sustainable manner. This is where we come in, delivering the following services:

  • Product/technology hardware & software selection, evaluation and advisory
  • Experienced, consultative selling & negotiation for innovative/complex value  propositions
  • Ensure sales & marketing strategies, objectives and activities are aligned
  • Focused product marketing, brand and business development
  • Sales network management & up-skilling
  • Domestic & global business development
  • Territory and/or channel partner sourcing, negotiation and assignment 
  • Market and client analysis to deliver value selling & sales strategy


During the past thirty years we have operated in over 60 countries, working with the following industry leading companies in directly related, complementary fields:

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